Where should tourists go in Kochi

Where should I go and stay in Kochi?

We knew that we could travel to Kochi by train or bus, so we quickly decided to take the bus because we had been informed it would be simpler than the rail. The sweet bus station security guard assisted us in boarding the appropriate bus. We were left off in Fort Kochi, far from our homestay, just 1.5 hours later. According to what I understand, Kochi, Kerala’s capital city, is where most visitors stay in Fort Kochi. You can stay at Airbnb in Kochi.

Where should tourists go in Kochi

Spice Shop

Spices are intrinsically interwoven into Fort Kochi’s history and culture. People traveled to Fort Kochi, which developed into a booming center of the spice trade, from far-flung parts of the world because of the alluring aroma of spices. The Spice Market, located on one side of Jew Town, continues to play a significant role as the spice trade center. One of the greatest things to do when visiting Fort Kochi is to visit the Spice Market, which is drawn to you by the aroma of cardamom, cloves, nutmeg, and other exotic spices that combine into an intoxicating medley.

On Fort Kochi Beach, unwind

An excellent location to see the sunset is on the beach in Fort Kochi. The pink glow of the setting sun cast by the Chinese gill nets may be seen there. Stretching one’s legs while taking in the cool sea breeze and listening to the music of the waves is a wonderful use of a granite promenade that runs alongside the beach. Spending quality time at the Old Kochi beach is among the most calming activities to do in Fort Kochi.

Respect The Dead At The Dutch Cemetery

Not far from the sea beach, the Dutch Cemetery is deserted. Here are the mortal remnants of a traveler who ventured out on a discovery journey motivated by curiosity. Visitors are moved by the Dutch Cemetery’s eerie silence and are left reflecting on the transient nature of life.