Pan Pacific

The best hotels in Singapore

Singapore is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. However, a trip to any country can be turn into a disaster if you do not have a good hotel to stay in. Looking for economical hotels is not a bad option but you should not settle for a substandard accommodation to save money. Here are some of the best hotels in Singapore

  • Pan Pacific

Pan Pacific

Pan Pacific can easily be counted as one of the best hotels in Singapore. The hotel offers very luxurious and spacious rooms along with state of the art room service. It is definitely not an economical option in terms of rates. However, if the standard of services is analyzed, the high price is definitely worth paying. The hotel offers a free airport pick and drop to all its guests. If you want to go to Singapore and have a memorable stay, this is one of the accommodation options that you should consider. However, you need to have a good financial budget to stay here.

  • RITZ Carlton

RITZ Carlton

RITZ is one of the most reputed hotels in Singapore. There is no doubt that it is expensive but it offers high standard options in every area to the customer. Usually, this hotel requires an advance booking of a week or more as it is mostly over occupied. It is near to market places and taxi stands. Along with that, the hotel has a very helpful travel desk which arranges taxis and rented cars for its customers. Even though RITZ can be termed as an expensive option in an overall manner, the standard room becomes affordable when the prices go down. One of the best things about RITZ is the list of dining options. The restaurants located inside RITZ Carlton offer amazing cuisine to the customers.