a stunning vacation home in the heart of Padua, Italy.

Looking for A Getaway That Offers Both Luxury & Technology in One Place

Are you looking for a getaway that offers both luxury and technology in one place? Look no further than dimora.uno, a stunning vacation home in the heart of Padua, Italy.

Located on Corso Milano, one of the city’s main streets, dimora.uno offers guests a range of amenities that will leave them feeling pampered and relaxed. With two 65-inch Samsung Ultra HD Smart TVs featuring Netflix 4K, Prime Video, and Spotify Premium, as well as motorized and wireless bed frames and advanced Komoder® massaging devices for eyes, legs, and feet, you’ll never want to leave the comfort of your vacation home.

a stunning vacation home in the heart of Padua, Italy.

But that’s not all. Dimora.uno also features an aromatherapy system with essential oils and motion sensors that automatically activate lighting in case of night-time movements. Air quality and temperature are electronically regulated by sensing stations and thermostatic valves that activate humidification, dehumidification, purification, heating, or cooling for ideal comfort.

And the bathroom? It’s a touchless experience thanks to the electronic instant foam dispenser, the faucet with infrared sensors, and the robotic toilet paper dispenser. Plus, there’s a wellness shower with a 40 cm rain shower head and electronic temperature control.

Padua itself is a city of great cultural and historical significance, with many UNESCO World Heritage sites. It’s also known for its traditional cuisine, which ranges from simple traditional dishes to the more famous dishes of the city’s renowned restaurants. And for the foodies out there, Padua is home to one of the 12 Italian restaurants to have received the highest award of 3 Michelin stars, Le Calandre, owned by the Alajmo family.

Overall, dimora.uno is the perfect vacation home for those looking for a luxurious and comfortable stay in the heart of Padua, with all the amenities and features of a modern and digitalized home. Book your stay now through the main rental portals or directly via www.dimora.uno.