Safari World Thailand

Exploring the best adventure spots in Asia

Some of the best adventure spots in the world are located in Asia. If you have not been into this part of the world and you are an adventure lover, you are making a big mistake. There are several adventure spots in Asia which you would undoubtedly admire. Some of these spots are listed below.

  • Safari World Thailand

Safari World Thailand

This adventure trip lasts for the entire day and covers four exciting areas. Safari world is at an approximate drive of two hours from Bangkok city. Tourists start their journey with a cowboy stunt act. This act involves gunshots and a variety of stunts.  After that, the tourists get a chance to watch a complete action packed show of 30 minutes based on the James Bond theme. This is another very exciting act tailor made for adventure lovers.  The tourists are then taken to for a Ghost house tour where a series of haunting experiences waits for them. This tour lasts for about 30 minutes as well.  The last part of this adventure trip is the most exciting one. The tourists are taken for an adventure ride where they can see lions and tigers from the distance of one foot. The carnivorous creates come near the windows of the tourist vans and try to scare them. If you are looking for an adventurous experience that would stretch for a lifetime, this is one of the options that you need to look at.

  • Adventure Cove Waterpark Singapore

Adventure Cove Waterpark Singapore

Water parks are always adventurous to go to. One of the most adventurous water parks on the face of this planet is the Adventure Cove Park located in Singapore. A trip to this water park would easily consume 4 to 5 hours. Along with the rides are undoubtedly not for weak hearted people.  It is an adventurous place for both children and adults.