Coral Island Thailand

The best adventure spots in the world

If you are someone with a calm personality who likes quiet places, an adventure trip is not your cup of tea. Adventure trips are for someone who like excitement and want to try new things every time. Given below are few of the most adventurous spots around the world.

  • Coral Island Thailand

Coral Island Thailand

Coral Island can easily be termed as one of the most exciting tourist spots in the world. The place offers a list of adventurous sports including bungee jumping, paragliding, water scooters, water skiing and others. Tourists usually do not go there directly. Instead, they go to Bangkok via plane and then take connecting road trips to Pattaya beach and then Coral island. In total, it is a three hour trip from Bangkok to Coral which includes a two hour drive from Bangkok to Pattaya and then a one hour boat ride from Pattaya to Coral island.  At Coral Island, you can an underwater boat ride as well where you can see marine animals like octopus, eel and catfish from a very short distance.

  • Singapore Night Safari

Singapore Night Safari

The night Safari in Singapore is surely one of the adventurous trips. The trip lasts around half an hour. As a tourist, you would be required to sit in a train which would take you through tunnels and mountain valleys. The Singapore night safari offers the leisure of seeking leopards, lions, orangutans, alligators and bears from a very close distance. At times, animals are so close that it feels they may jump on the train. However, proper preventive measures are taken for safety of tourists. The best thing about this trip is that your pictures are taken from hidden cameras with real emotions while you are going through the ride. This adventurous trip is highly popular and requires you to do advance booking as there is a high visitor count all the time.

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