Ultimate Sailing in Greek Islands

There are a number of most amazing islands all over Greece. There are great places with rich history and a lot of charming ancient destinations while easy sailing from one to other island. Impressive volcanic scenes dotted by towns on top of hills with the usual complete white houses and wind generators, crystal type plain waters, fresh and native foods and environment make yachting here so much pleasurable and unique. We will give details a little more on rich yachting destinations in Greece.


The Saronic Gulf comes in between the Aegean Sea and the Ionian. It’s attached with Aegean Sea and situated at Corinthian Gulf east. There is a 100 miles long water line. Its entry point is east and point of exit is Corinth Canal. There’re quite a few wonderful ancient destinations. A very suitable starting place for Black Sea yacht charters is Athens having a large airport and the large port of Kalamaki. There you can find a number of charter boat options to hire. It’s the Athens south. From this place, you can easily travel towards Saronic Gulf to visit many interesting islands and shoreline. The ultimate place to choose sailing boats for yachting towards Cyclades is Lavrion.

There are several islands in Cyclades. It basically is a big sailing land with everlasting destinations to visit. Here, the distance from one to other island is much more than the islands in Mediterranean, thus it is a nice yachting place for expert sailors.

The magnificence of these islands is well-known all over world. One of most significant historical destinations in Greece is Delos, Milos and Santorini with large volcanic crater and super-inclination rocks that make them a most well-known and natural destinations in world. As in entire Greek region, there are beautiful native taverns, pleasant ports and villages in addition to romantic thatched roof pinwheels.