How to cut down on transportation costs while traveling

How to Cut Down on Transportation Costs While Traveling?

A large percentage of traveling cost comprises of transportation expenses. If you know the correct tips, you can save a lot of money. Here are few important methods through which you can reduce your transportation expenses while traveling.

How to cut down on transportation costs while traveling

  • Do not purchase hotel services from your hotel

Purchasing transportation services from the hotel is the biggest mistake that any tourist can commit. The rates offered for taxis and rented cars are much higher than the actual rates. Hotels have selected drivers and they charge very heavy sums of money from the customer by taking long routes for each journey.

  • Avoid the use of taxis

As compared to the other modes of transportation, taxis are a lot more expensive. In addition to that, there is every chance that you would get stuck in traffic jams. There are various other modes of transportation that you can look at. People use “one person taxis” in the form of motorcycles where you are the only passenger. Even if there is a jam, you can reach your destination quickly by using this mode. Along with that, you can use underground trains as well. Although these trains require the passenger to walk from to the station and from the station to their destination, you do not have to face any jams while using them.

Avoid the use of taxis

  • Transportation on call

With the current modern day technology, you can download applications to get transportation on call. These companies charge on the basis of your destination length. In addition to that, these companies also have discount coupons if services are used multiple times. Some of these companies offer waiting services free of cost for a limited number of hours and then charge on per hour basis. In case of long journeys, these companies have fixed cost packages as well.