How To Oil My Garage door?

Oiling your garage door will ensure that it makes no noise and lasts longer. So, how to oil my garage door? You must have this question in your mind.

It’s very simple. Stay tuned until the end.


Way of oiling the garage door

All of the steps that you have taken for oiling the garage door are mentioned below. Check them out.

  • Deeply lubricate each door roller’s bearings. The penetrating oil bottle’s tip should be placed close to the stem’s base and the roller’s bearings. Turn the roller wheel with your finger to disperse the oil.
  • The seam of each outer hinge’s sleeve faces you. Sleeves are parts of hinges that hold roller stems. Put two to three drops of penetrating oil into each sleeve’s seam. Rotate the stem’s protruding end with your fingers to distribute the oil evenly.
  • You may need a stepladder to reach the springs on your door’s torsion bar if it has springs above it. The silicone lubricating spray should be applied freely along the length of each spring. To work the silicone into the spring, open and close the garage door several times. Cable drums shouldn’t be sprayed with torsion springs.
  • Place the stepladder underneath your upper door on the side with springs that extend along the track. Make sure the garage door is fully open.
  • Spray silicone along the stretch spring’s length. The pulley bearings on the spring should be oiled with penetrating oil. There are a few drops of oil needed at the front of the top track’s pulley bearing. Rep on the other side of the door next.
  • Clean the interior of each vertical track and the track curve with a cloth. The curves of each track should be sprayed with silicone. Spraying should not be done on any other parts of the track.

That’s it.

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