How to hang lights around the garage door

When it’s Christmas or any other festival, we want everything to be bright, including our garage doors. How to hang lights around the garage door?

You don’t have to worry about anything complicated. This piece of writing will teach you how to do that.


Hanging Lights On Garage Door Using Hooks!

The following steps can be followed to hang lights on a garage door:

  • To hang the lights, you will need enough hooks and extension cords for each hook. It is recommended to start with at least one hook per foot of length, regardless of the length desired.
  • Run the extension cords up the side of the door until they’re halfway between the top and bottom rails. In the future, if additional hooks are needed, there will be plenty of extra cords available.
  • If you decide to use screw hooks, drill a hole below each hook location, then screw a hook into each spot (making sure no wires or pipes are inside). You should use small screws instead of nails if there is not enough space between studs or joists when you take down your decorations.
  • Press the lights down until they lock into place after stretching them across the hooks. Connect more than one strand of lights at the same voltage if you’re connecting more than one strand.
  • As you hang lights along your garage door, make sure the entire area is illuminated.

That’s it. For any more questions related to the topic, you can hit the comment section below. I’d love to help you out.

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