Tanzania's Natural Wonders

From Volcanoes to Coast: A Road Trip Through Tanzania’s Natural Wonders

For my latest trip, I decided to explore more of beautiful Tanzania’s diverse landscapes by embarking on a 10-day road trip. Driving myself allowed visiting many areas and experiencing the varied scenery,culture and wildlife along the way. This blog shares the highlights starting from Tanzania’s northern volcanoes down to coastal cities.

Tanzania's Natural Wonders

Northern Volcanic Highlands

My journey began high atop the volcanic massifs near Arusha. Stopped at peaks like Mt. Meru rising nearly 15,000 feet with other cones dotting the horizon. Breathtaking landscapes covered in lush vegetation. Also saw dramatic views of Mt. Kilimanjaro looming in distance during multiple sunrise drives. Continued west through rural highlands spotting Maasai herders.

Lake Victoria Shoreline

Arrived at Lake Victoria, Africa’s largest lake which borders three countries. Snapped photos of fishermen in wooden boats before reaching Mwanza city located on its shore. Fascinating to learn about the lake supplying water to surrounding communities and industries. Next drove south passing small villages where residents farmed the fertile volcanic soil.

Tarangire National Park

Entered the scenic Tarangire National Park renowned for its baobab trees and elephants. During game drives saw large herds wandering the grasslands and gathering around seasonal streams and pools. Also sighted zebras, impalas and numerous bird species like big tailed weavers from open vehicle. Spent a night in a rustic lodge overlooking the park awakening to animal sounds.

Ngorongoro Crater

Headed southwest entering the Ngorongoro Conservation Area home to over 25,000 large animals. Stopped taking in views of the huge caldera, a collapsed volcano. Later descended 600 meters seeing close grazing elands, hippos and flamingos in the crater lake. Spotted black maned lions lazing under acacia trees then climbed out before sunset. Witnessing this natural wonder left me amazed.

Dar es Salaam City

After days immersed in nature, arrived at Tanzania‘s largest city of Dar es Salaam located on the Indian Ocean. Spent time exploring its buzzing downtown, walked historic areas like Kariakoo Market and Sokoine Drive. Enjoyed fresh seafood along the coast admiring the azure waters. Interacting with locals in the urban centers provided cultural experiences contrasting the rural areas and parks.

Zanzibar Archipelago

Took the short ferry ride from Dar es Salaam to Zanzibar Island. Settled in beautiful beach hotels along pristine white sand beaches fringed by palm trees. Explored the historic Stone Town with its maze of alleys and Arab architecture before relaxing on islands like Prison Island. Witnessed colorful dhow boats gliding past colorful corals. Ideal spots to end this diverse road journey.


This 10-day road trip truly revealed the wide array of ecosystems, wildlife, peoples and cultures across northern Tanzania down to its Indian Ocean beaches. Driving through volcanoes, bushveld areas, lakeshores and coastal islands ranks amongst my most memorable trips exploring this scenic East African country. Tanzania offers travelers an abundance of natural beauty and experiences to last a lifetime.