Tourism in Albania

Albania – The Reasons to Fall in Love

Tourism is definitely not the most developed in the Albania, and we are quite generous in the finding. Check out the reasons to fall in love with tourism in Albania.

Tourism in Albania

  1. Generosity in Albania

Ask an information on the street. In two minutes you have already been taken to your destination, received smiles, questions about your country and probably an invitation to a coffee with a cupcake. Only there can you feel a little of what it must be like to visit as a foreigner.

  1. From the mountain to the sea, cultural and geographical contrasts of Albania

From the snow white of the mountains to the red of the poppy fields, in less than an hour’s drive the scenery around you changes completely. You can visit Durresi, the oldest city, more than three thousand years old, with its walls and castles; or Girocastra, the “city of stone”, a UNESCO heritage site.

On the Adriatic coast, thousands of small beaches and spas with the same water that made Croatia famous. Shkoder is the gateway to the Albanian Alps, with a lot of skiing in the winter, and where Ilirian civilization began. In the Ionian Sea, there are pearls like Ksamil, of culinary and culture strongly influenced by Greece.

  1. Since the Bronze Age: Nothing to owe to the history of Greece

Imagine you walk through every section of Greek, Roman and Etruscan art at the Louvre, without a human being at your side. This is more or less the feeling of walking around the Tirana Museum. It is probably the most underappreciated museum in the world. Albania made serious excavations from the Paleolithic period – and it even gives you a little distress when you see the (rare) guides taking the first bronze tools, which date back to two thousand BC, or medieval instruments (if in British) Museum, would be behind seven armored glass).