Standard of Room Service

Tips to select a comfortable accommodation

When you are travelling, you would undoubtedly want your accommodation option to be extremely comfortable and relaxing. Selecting hotel options merely by looking at the pictures on hotel booking websites can create a lot of trouble for you. Even testimonials may not be realistic. The only way you can get your hands on comfortable accommodation options is by surveying yourself. Here are some parameters that you can consider to make your selection

  • Standard of Room Service

Standard of Room Service

Apparently, every hotel claims that it provides state of the art room service but facts are very different. Talking to people who have stayed in a particular hotel would help you in creating an opinion. Do not reach a judgement on what customer testimonials say. A lot of hotels do not refund the money once the payment has been made. Thus, do not be hasty when you are taking your decision. You can also compare the room service standards of two to three hotels and then take your decision.

  • Services along with Room accommodation

Services along with Room accommodation

It is important to see the services that are offered along with room accommodation. For instance, a lot of hotels do not offer breakfast with standard rooms. They apply extra charges for this service. Similarly, some hotels do not apply any extra costs for an extra bed if you have a family of more than two. The minibar given in the hotel room may also be subjected to charges by a lot of hotels. However, some hotels do not apply any charges for this service. You need to check all these factors before making any payment. The airport pick and drop is yet another service which may be subjected to charges. In some cases, it is offered for free if guests stay for a longer duration.