How to Cut Down on Accommodation Costs in Malaysia

A high percentage of the overall travelling costs are spent on accommodation. If you are a smart thinker, you can use economical accommodation options and save money while you are living in Malaysia. Here are some economical accommodation options available in this great country.

  • Family Hostels

Family Hostels

You will find a lot of hostels in Malaysia which provide for tourists travelling with families. Some of these hostels are very decent and offer lunch as a part of the deal. These hostels are owned by locals as well as South Indians. As compared to hotels, this accommodation option is crazily cheap. Along with that, these hostels do not have any restriction of staying for a minimum duration.

  • Furnished Apartments

Furnished Apartments

Furnished apartments cost more than hostels but lesser than hotels. These apartments are equipped with the latest facilities. You may be charged on per day or per month basis. However, the drawback is that these apartments mostly do not have any room service option. In other words, you need to do cleaning, cooking and other similar tasks yourself.

  • Hotels


Checking in to a hotel is obviously the best possible option but the cost depends on the standard of hotel being selected. A 3 star hotel has economical costs and provides decent standard services to its residents. Booking a hotel room through a travel agent or a tourist company would definitely prove to be more expensive. In addition to that, travel agents offer limited accommodation options only. You can explore hotel accommodation options yourself and then make your pick. There are few important things that you need to remember when you are selecting a hotel. First of all, the hotel should be near to the taxi stand or train station. It is even better if shopping centers are at a walking distance.