Eiffel Tower

Everything You Need to Know About Eiffel Tower Tickets in 2024: Availability, Discounts, and More

The Eiffel Tower stands as one of the most iconic landmarks in the world, drawing millions of visitors each year. If you’re planning a trip to Paris, visiting the Eiffel Tower is likely at the top of your list. To make the most of your experience, it’s crucial to plan ahead and secure your Eiffel Tower tickets. This guide covers everything you need to know about ticket availability, discounts, and more in 2024.

Eiffel Tower

Types of Eiffel Tower Tickets

Standard Admission Tickets

Standard admission tickets grant access to the tower’s second floor, offering stunning views of Paris. Prices vary depending on age and whether you opt for stairs or elevator access. This is the most common type of ticket for first-time visitors.

Skip-the-Line Tickets

For those looking to save time, skip-the-line tickets are an excellent choice. These tickets allow you to bypass the lengthy queues, making your visit more efficient. While they are more expensive than standard tickets, the time saved is often worth the extra cost.

Summit Access Tickets

To experience the very top of the Eiffel Tower, you’ll need summit access tickets. These tickets include elevator rides to both the second floor and the summit, where you’ll enjoy unparalleled views of the city. Summit access tickets are limited, so booking in advance is recommended.

Guided Tour Tickets

Guided tour tickets offer a more in-depth experience, with knowledgeable guides providing historical context and interesting facts about the tower. These tours can enhance your visit and provide a richer understanding of this architectural marvel.

Eiffel Tower Tickets

How to Purchase Official Eiffel Tower Tickets

Online Purchase

The easiest way to secure your tickets is through the official Eiffel Tower website or authorized resellers. This method allows you to book in advance and avoid long lines on the day of your visit. Make sure to purchase from reputable sources to avoid scams.

On-Site Purchase

While you can buy tickets at the Eiffel Tower itself, be prepared for long waits, especially during peak tourist season. If you prefer this option, arriving early in the morning can help you beat the crowds.

Mobile Apps

Several mobile apps offer ticket purchasing options and additional information about the Eiffel Tower. These apps can be convenient for last-minute plans and often provide real-time updates on availability and wait times.

Availability of Tickets to the Eiffel Tower in 2024

Peak and Off-Peak Seasons

Visiting during off-peak seasons, such as early spring or late fall, can increase your chances of securing tickets without the hassle of large crowds. Peak seasons, including summer and major holidays, see higher demand and limited availability.

Same-Day and Advance Tickets

Advance tickets are highly recommended, especially if you plan to visit during peak times. Same-day tickets can be hard to come by, and you may face long waits or even sold-out situations.

Special Events and Night Visits

Special events and night visits can impact ticket availability. Evening visits offer a unique perspective of Paris illuminated at night, but tickets for these times can sell out quickly. Planning ahead is key to securing your preferred time slot.

Discounts and Special Offers on Eiffel Tower Tickets

Types of Eiffel Tower Tickets

Group Discounts

Groups of 20 or more can benefit from discounted rates. These discounts make it more affordable for large parties to enjoy the Eiffel Tower together. Check the official website for specific group booking details.

Youth and Senior Discounts

Discounted tickets are available for youths (ages 4-11) and seniors (ages 60+). These discounts make the experience more accessible for families and older visitors.

Combo Tickets

Combo tickets bundling the Eiffel Tower with other popular attractions, such as river cruises or museums, can offer significant savings. These packages provide a convenient way to explore multiple sights at a reduced cost.

Tips for a Smooth Visit

Best Times to Visit

Early morning and late afternoon are typically the best times to visit the Eiffel Tower to avoid the heaviest crowds. Weekdays are generally less busy than weekends.

Preparing for Your Visit

Be sure to bring comfortable shoes, as there is a fair amount of walking involved. Additionally, check the weather forecast and dress appropriately. Security checks are in place, so allow extra time for this process.

Accessibility Information

The Eiffel Tower is equipped with elevators and ramps to accommodate visitors with disabilities. Specific accessibility details can be found on the official website, ensuring all guests can enjoy their visit.


Securing your Eiffel Tower tickets in 2024 requires a bit of planning, but the effort is well worth it. By understanding the different ticket types, knowing where to purchase them, and being aware of discounts and best visiting times, you can ensure a memorable and enjoyable experience at this iconic landmark. Plan ahead, take advantage of the tips provided, and get ready to be captivated by the beauty of the Eiffel Tower.