How To Choose An Outdoor Camping Table, Folding Roll up Table vs. Net Table

Outdoor folding tables play an important role in outdoor camping activities. Now more and more people like outdoor camping, so there are many types of outdoor folding tables to choose from. In addition to ordinary portable folding tables, there are also egg-roll up tables, mesh tables, metal expansion tables, combination tables, etc. The roll top up table and the net table are two outdoor tables that are used more frequently. Each table has its own advantages and disadvantages. You can choose both if necessary. Let’s learn about several types of outdoor folding tables together.


1、 There are several types of outdoor folding tables

When camping outdoors, the selection of outdoor tables is very important. Generally, folding tables are mainly used outdoors, and there are several types of outdoor folding tables:

  1. Ordinary portable folding table

The vast majority of outdoor enthusiasts start from this type of table, which is generally divided into soft surface and hard surface. This type of table is the smallest in size and lightest in weight. The volume of the centripetal storage and roll storage table after storage does not exceed one foam pad. The physically strong hikers can even carry them for hiking camping.

The soft folding table uses a cloth surface tension method as the desktop, which is the lightest and most portable. The disadvantage is that it is difficult to clean it immediately after getting dirty, and it cannot avoid the process of washing and brushing at home. It has poor load-bearing capacity and is difficult to adapt to heavy objects and large movements. Hard metal desktops do not have similar problems and are much more adaptable.

  1. Egg-rolls up table

Egg-rolls up table is a very excellent outdoor product. Usually, the table area is large enough, and the solid wood and metal hardware structure is also stable enough. Different sizes and different woods can adapt to different consumption capacity and number of people. These advantages make the Egg-rolls up table almost suitable for all camp activities that need table operation. The table, console, and even programmers work overtime in the field. It is almost perfect for the purposes you can think of.


  1. Net Table

It is a table with a grid design on the desktop. Because its desktop is in a grid style, it is generally made of metal material, and there are also designs of metal+wood, specifically designed for camping and cooking.

  1. Metal telescopic table

This outdoor folding table has a highly retractable function, especially in some campsites with uneven ground. Another advantage of being able to adjust the height of the table is that it can easily match various types of camping chairs, with high flexibility.


  1. Combination table

This type of table is relatively rare in camping activities, and the combination table can be freely assembled like building blocks in structure. In theory, it can be infinitely large, suitable for the Chinese round table banquet habit. The middle gap is designed to place a fire burning platform or directly build it on the campsite fire pit. Imagine everyone sitting around under the stars, watching the hot soup boil and the flames change, which is very interesting.

2、 Egg-rolls up table or net table is better for outdoor table

Egg-rolls up table and net table are two kinds of outdoor tables with different styles. They are also used more frequently in outdoor activities. Which one is better?

  1. Advantages and disadvantages of a tennis table

There are advantages and disadvantages to using a mesh table for outdoor tables. The advantage of a mesh table is that it can hold cooking utensils, especially those that have just been cleaned. It can empty the water to the ground, making it very suitable for drying cooking utensils. In addition, fruits, vegetables, etc. cleaned in the camp can also be placed on the mesh table to filter out the water. In fact, to put it bluntly, the online table is mainly aimed at cooking at the campsite, and nothing else is possible unless you lay something on the table.


There is another drawback to a mesh table, which is that although it can be folded, it still takes up a large amount of space after folding. Therefore, if a mesh table is required, it must be self driving and equipped with a campsite car.

  1. Advantages and disadvantages of Egg-rolls up table

The advantage of the Egg-rolls up table is that the size is usually larger, which is suitable for many people camping. In addition, the Chicken rolls table is stable enough and easy to use. Another point is that because the proportion of Chicken rolls tables in the camping field is relatively high, the investment in design and R&D is relatively large. There are many design styles of these outdoor tables, which can be more selective.

Overall, online tables are only designed for outdoor cooking, picnics, and preparation of ingredients, but they do not have an advantage in terms of entertainment and daily life. Egg-rolls up table has a good experience in life, entertainment, picnics and other aspects. If there are only 2-3 people, in fact, whether it is a net table or a Chicken rolls table, one is enough. If there are many people, they can purchase separately and use it exclusively, which does not affect those who cook or play.